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Increase employee productivity and motivation with big name brands. Motivational gifts and experiences make effective staff incentives.


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    Tangible incentives increase work performance by an average of 22%.
According to a survey undertaken by the Society of Incentives & Travel Foundation (SITE)

Why Introduce Staff Incentives? 


An effective incentive scheme can decrease staff turnover and absenteeism, reduce company costs and offer a significant return on investment via the increased productivity of your employees.

Implementing an incentive scheme for your staff encourages hard work and dedication within your workforce, and ensures your employees feel their efforts have been duly recognised.

The importance of the right reward

With the right rewards in place a staff incentive scheme is a great way to increase the sales of a particular product or service, improve the performance of your workforce and encourage employees to 'go above and beyond'.

Offer inappropriate or lacklustre rewards and your staff incentive scheme may lose impetus, which in turn could actually de-motivate your staff and have a negative impact on your business.

Rewards should be about choice and relevance

The most effective, memorable and motivating rewards are widely acknowledged to be the ones chosen by the employees themselves. That's why we created 'Motum', our online points-based flexible reward platform, designed specifically to address the needs of corporate clients wishing to drive the behaviours and actions of their staff to achieve their business goals.

It's the ideal solution when looking to implement an incentive scheme for your staff as it features such a wide range of motivational gifts and experiences, from the most desirable brands.

Is it easy to implement a staff incentive scheme with Cottrills?

Very. Our incentive schemes are flexible, cost-effective, easy to use and very simple to set up.

Our schemes can be tailored specifically to your organisation and also branded to your corporate identity, ensuring your staff incentive scheme is current, relevant, credible and instantly recognisable.

The Benefits of a Staff Incentive Scheme


Increase employee morale

Raise productivity

Improve customer service

Inspire staff loyalty

Improve/drive staff performance


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