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What is Motum?

Motum® (definition: to move, arouse, affect, influence) is an online points-based flexible reward platform specifically designed to address the needs of corporate clients wishing to drive behaviours and actions to achieve business goals through their staff, customers and/or retail and channel partners.

The fully customisable and personalised bespoke software platform developed in house by our Team here at Cottrills allows for Motum reward points to be allocated easily and safely by the client directly into the participant’s password protected online account. This flexibility being ideal to cover a wide variety of reward needs within a corporate business.

One flexible reward platform, multiple uses…

Motum is the perfect online platform to help our clients reach their goals as it covers such a wide variety of reward needs. Programmes such as: Channel partner rewards, Sales team incentives, Customer loyalty and retention, Peer-to-peer recognition, suggestion schemes, attendance programmes, health and safety awards and client referral incentives can all be implemented easily through this comprehensive and interactive reward platform.

Designed to engage, motivate & excite participants

With over 3,000 fantastic branded products and once in a lifetime experiences (chosen especially for their appeal to all demographics and to enhance participant engagement) and our renowned customer service levels, Motum® offers a compelling, exciting and high quality alternative to the current me-too online incentive schemes that use High Street retail vouchers or pre-paid cards as the reward mechanic.

No fees, just pay-as-you-go

You have complete budget control. There are no costly set up fees, no monthly management fees – you just pay-as-you-go – only paying for what you reward.

This represents a great, no-risk way to increase your share of business through your channels, staff and customers and to target growth.

Is Motum easy to set up?

Very. Within just a few days you could have your own branded Motum® programme up and running at zero initial cost, driving the behaviours and actions of your staff, customers and/or retail and channel partners, helping you achieve your business goals and delivering real ROI.

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Multi-channel applications

No set up or management fees

Cost-effective & risk free

Complete budget control and reporting

Personalised to client requirements

Safe, Secure & Simple

Designed to engage, motivate & excite participants

An exclusive collection of desirable branded merchandise & experiences


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